Notion Motion LLC is a creative services consulting company who facilitates conscious leadership, strategic innovation, change management and policy, and creative and business development services for non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs and civic leaders.

With 20 plus years in the Information Technology industry managing projects and resources for multi-million dollar companies, our Chief Idea Mover, Whitney Rawls, has a successful background in issue resolution.  Along with technical expertise, Rawls has spent the latter part of his life serving grassroots and community organizations in various capacities, from volunteer to board member.  That commitment and passion is now birthed in Notion Motion LLC.

We create environments driven by creative and innovative thinking with progressive solutions.  We work to empower civic leaders, budding entrepreneurs and small organizations through conscious leadership development, program management, marketing and diversity and cultural awareness.

Simply put… We exist to help you engage your ideas and bring them to life.  It’s who we are.  Why?  Because great ideas sometimes begin blurry.


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