It takes courage to run for political office.  All things considered, it is not a decision that anyone should take lightly.  Choosing the right political campaign consulting team is also a tough and deliberate choice.  You want someone who can point you in the right direction, be open and honest and represent you and your vision.  You want a team behind you that will help you to make a difference.

We’re here to help you do that.  Our campaign team has years of grassroots political experience.  We have assisted local, county and state candidates in winning elections.  If you’re running for office because you have the vision that you can make an earnest difference then we would like to help you.

How We Help

Planning and Budgeting

Every successful idea can point to a blueprint used for making it happen. We help to build a solid foundation with a detailed campaign plan and budget. We also assist early by establishing introductions with key community and political stakeholders.

Campaign Theme and Messaging

Voters want to know why they should vote for you. How you present that message is critical to your campaign. We work with you to develop both your campaign’s theme and your platform to ensure that your vision is what your community and potential voters agree with.

Messaging and Communications

At the top of the priority list for any campaign is its messaging. Without a clear message and well-defined talking points, the issues supported by any campaign will be hard to communicate. Messaging and communications are game changers, difference makers, and more often than not, are what sets one campaign apart from another. In addition to your campaign’s theme, we help you to communicate your vision and your message in a very relevant way with voters.

Field and Strategy

From collecting petitions to Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) efforts, we employ cost-effective and efficient outreach strategies for your campaign to ensure maximum voter contact.

Digital Media, Websites and Social Media Strategy

Digital media has become a widely recognized medium and tool for getting the message out. We help you to build attractive and responsive websites and graphic content that will not only stand out among the competition but will also convert voters.

Additionally, the use of social media is a widely accepting source for connecting with potential and supporters, connecting them to each other, and engaging them with the issues you support while also allowing them to be apart of the solution. Through popular social media networks, we help you to engage your followers and potential voters by effectively managing your communications through timely sharing of content and information.

Data Management

We help your campaign to collect and organize voter, volunteer and donor data into detailed supporter records that help you to build relationships with your supporters that will ultimately turn into Election Day votes. Our data-driven strategy is grassroots and is extremely affordable and easy to manage.


We also partner well with other campaign managers, consultants and strategists.

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