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Branding Basics

Let’s face it, not many micro-business owners and entrepreneurs can afford to hire a marketing expert that will walk them through developing a branding strategy. At least, not at […]

Leaders and Solutions

Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.
—Brian Tracy

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Repost: Understand Your Why

Success depends on your understanding of why you do what you do. You cannot define the “what” or the “how” unless you have clarity on the “why.” Know the […]

Social Media Manager or Poser?

Is your social media manager really managing your social media presence? Or, are they actually posing as experts making random posts but not providing you any real value? It’s […]

3 Easy Ways to Build Your Brand

Before we get start, understand first that a logo is not a brand. Nor is your brand the compilation of your letterhead, envelope, and matching folders. Got it? Good! […]

The Cost of A Small Business Website

What is the cost of a small business website? What should it cost to develop a website for a nonprofit organization, a church, or even a political campaign? The […]